Interview Movies

Dreaming of unprecedented trends and zeitgeist through the fashion of future women.

Paintings of every color and no color.

Utopian world succeeding the beauties of nature

Exploring the arbitrary "Cuteness" in colors and shapes

The Untethered: Free from values, experiences, or formats.

The pleasant balance of "YABAMI (Crazy)" and "KAWAIMI (Cute)"

Slice of life: The fleeting moments in scenery.

What lies in between: Consciousness and Unconsciousness. Concrete and Abstract.

Salvation from "Fear of Death" represented in weaved collages

Beauty in the most minimal state, expressed through straight lines and gradient colors.

Sceneries before they become verbalized. Perception that exists before physical objects.

Visualizing the "Root cause of natural occurrences" by assembling objects that have no intention

Diary of observations, painted with innocent impulse and refined watercolor technique

Inspirations of the not-so-distant future.

Absolute flatness, discomfort, betrayal, and stories that have no meaning.