【HARUNA KAWAI】Surfaces and Volume

Surfaces and Volume


Format : Acrylic on paper (Acrylic frame included)
Size : 50×60cm

Base price $1,613
Commission $261
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Haruna Kawai


Visualizing the "Root cause of natural occurrences" by assembling objects that have no intention

Much of Haruna Kawai's artwork is comprised of unique constructions of three-dimensional objects and geometric shapes, presenting an antithesis to the complexity of the real world filled with carefully-designed objects, intentions, and purposes.

Stripped of any narrative, these "Plain objects" are assembled together to form a series of beautiful structures that enable us to visualize and expand on the "Root cause natural occurrences" defined by "Gravity," "Laws of physics," and "Passage of time" that surround us in our daily lives, even though we are more often than not aware of these laws of nature.